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There is hunger in West County?   The short answer to that question is … Yes.
Circle Of Concern serves west St. Louis County, a part of the St. Louis metropolitan area known for beautiful homes, corporate headquarters, good schools and a thriving business community. West County is also home to families that struggle every day to make ends meet. Lay-offs, underemployment, illness or injury, age and more – many families in the thick of West County prosperity find themselves urgently in need of assistance.
Circle Of Concern can help.  We are, first and foremost, a food pantry. In 2014, we fed 25,472 individuals with 41,363 bags of groceries – enough to put a bag on nearly every seat in Busch Stadium.
At Circle, feeding families is just the beginning, though. We also offer financial support, scholarships, job mentoring, children’s programs and holiday events. All of these efforts work together to to take a little off our clients’ financial plates, allowing them to use their limited resources to regain their financial footing.